MiniFlex sewer camera - MiniFlex

MiniFlex sewer camera

MiniFlex is a portable sewer camera for small pipes.

The sewer camera is used in sanitary spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens and toilets. Multiple right-angle bends in a small pipe diameter? For the MiniFlex, it's a piece of cake. The MiniFlex is available in two versions: MiniFlex 19 (Ø 32-100 mm) and MiniFlex 36 (Ø 50-200 mm).

The everyday carry sewer camera

The MiniFlex is a compact, portable and flexible sewer camera specifically designed for inspecting pipes, ducts and other conduits with a small diameter. Thanks to its convenient size, this camera is easy to store and take to any job.

With its versatility, the MiniFlex is an indispensable tool in thewastewater industry and often consideredstandard equipment. This sewer camera is primarilyused in sanitary spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens andtoilets. Even with several right-angle bends in smallpipe diameters, the MiniFlex is extremely efficient and reliable.

In action

Compact design: easy to store in the work van

The MiniFlex is extremely lightweight and very handy

The MiniFlex has a unique, flexible intermediate section for right-angle bends

Watch the images live, but also review them afterwards

Easy to carry thanks to its practical shoulder strap and light weight

MiniFlex in practice

Features of the MiniFlex


With MiniFlex, you have everything you need at your fingertips without any unnecessary burden. Our products are lightweight, allowing you to move and explore freely without being overloaded.


We believe in durability and performance. MiniFlex products are built to last and perform consistently, so you can rely on the quality we provide.


Small size, big impact. MiniFlex products are compact and easy to carry, meaning you're always ready to discover, analyse and get to work, wherever you are.


MiniFlex operates with a purpose and is designed to enable you to find effective solutions exactly when you need them.


MiniFlex has a modular construction. This allows repairs and modifications to be carried out effortlessly, extending the lifespan and reducing waste.


Time is precious, and MiniFlex understands that. Our products are designed to promote efficiency, allowing you to get more done in less time.


  • Everyday Carry: the MiniFlex is light and compact
  • Inspection of pipes with a SMALL DIAMETER
  • Compact and handy housing
  • Multiple right-angle bends thanks to unique flexible intermediate section
  • Innovative spherical camera head for OPTIMAL THROUGHPUT
  • Screen size: 8″
  • Clear image: minimal reflection due to lighting ring
  • Wide viewing angle due to special lens
  • Easy to clean
  • Record video + audio and play back this content

MiniFlex 19 VS MiniFlex 36

MiniFlex 19
MiniFlex 36
Pipe diameter
32-100 mm
50-200 mm
Standard length push cable
Standard 15 metres (optional: 20, 30 and 40 metres)
Standard 30 metres (optional: 35 metres)
Slope angle meter
Text writer on display
Wide viewing angle
105 ̊
130 ̊
Polyamide push cable
Lighting ring
12 mini high power LED’s
6 ultra high power LED’s
Camera positioned high thanks to guides
28 mm en 38 mm
50 mm
512 Hz transmitter and meter counter
Li-on battery: working time max. 7 hours
42 x 53 x 12 cm
42 x 53 x 12 cm
10.2 kg
10.2 kg
From: €3.675
From: €4.822

MiniFlex, a product from Camtronics

The MiniFlex is developed and produced by the parent company Camtronics, based in Son en Breugel (Eindhoven) in the Netherlands. The company has been developing sewer cameras for pipes, ducts and other pipelines since 2002. These inspection systems are used worldwide by plumbers, installers, drain cleaners, sewer workers, sewer liners, etc. With a large dealer network, sewer cameras like the MiniFlex are available worldwide. Want to become a dealer? Contact us if you are interested inselling our MiniFlex cameras.

Customer testimonial

"For me, the MiniFlex is a tool for everyday use"

Michel van Rijswijk, owner of Pipe Cleaning Riooltechniek

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Frequently asked questions about the MiniFlex

The MiniFlex 19 is for a pipe with a diameter of 32 mm to 100 mm.
The MiniFlex 36 is for a pipe with a diameter of 50 mm to 200 mm.

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